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Following Hurricane Florence in September, 2018, Flip Flops Donuts abandoned its flooded shack on Bogue Inlet Pier Road and moved to its current location at 7702 Emerald Drive. Now in its seventh year, Flip Flops Donuts got better by adding more options to a breakfast menu enjoyed by thousands of locals and vacationers, alike. The MORE is all about kettle boiled bagels, blueberry muffins, cherry turnovers and fresh hot or cold coffee. But, we haven't forgotten our roots and we will always continue to welcome home donut lovers of all types. Whether you prefer raised or cake donuts, glazed, iced or filled, we got you covered.


As our raving fans attest, Taste matters! We invite you to sample and enjoy the lightest, fluffiest, best-tasting donut you ever tried. The key is adding potato flour to the recipe. Sweeter and lighter than wheat flour, potato-enriched donuts have a Fresh from the Fryer taste you’re sure to enjoy. From what I've read, Vernon Rudolph (Mr. Krispy Kreme) and Bill Rosenberg (Mr. Dunkin' Donuts) incorporated potato flour in their original recipes. For a review of our donuts, listen to Cajan Toby's testimonial on the Home page.


 Visit today! Your smile is our measure of success.

The world of donuts is divided into two camps: raised. and cake (You could also argue that there are two more camps: doughnut and donut.) Although raised and cake donuts contain many of the same ingredients,  their structural differences arise from the type of flour and leavening agent used. For raised donuts, we use a flour with a high gluten content and a biological leavening agent, yeast, to produce  our trademark light, fluffy confection. To achieve the characteristically soft, cake-like interior and a slightly crunchy exterior of our cake donuts, we use a low gluten flour and baking powder as the chemical leavening agent.

Raised donuts come in multiple shapes. The first is a ring which is always glazed and can be topped with various icings. The second is the Bismarck which is filled with fruit, jelly or creme. Additionally, apple fritters and cinnamon rolls are daily and weekly specials.  

Cake donuts classically come in one shape, a ring, which may be served plain, or rolled in cinnamon or powdered sugar. The world of donuts may be divided into two camps but at Flip Flops Donut Shop we hand make both raised and cake donuts...DAILY!!

Come and enjoy our donuts at our store centrally located in Emerald Isle at  7702 Emerald Drive between Live Oak and Cedar Streets, near the former EMS (now Fire Department) building.  Check the Home Page and our scrolling sign on the building for hours of operation and specials. 

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