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OUR BAGELS                                             OUR STORY


Here at Flip Flops Donuts & More, you've come to expect an authentic donut. So, it should come as no surprise that the bagels we make are authentic, too. Not some puffed up, steamed roll with a hole in the middle.

My interest in making bagels goes back to the late 1970’s and the opening of Durham's first bagel shop. I enjoyed the bagels so much that I ended up working there.  About the same time, Milan Burger enrolled in the Rice Diet, a weight loss program.  Out of town dieters, like Mr. Burger, lived in a house two doors down from mine. To supplement their otherwise bland fare, we would sneak them pizzas, stacked vertically in a bag. Mr. Burger, himself, contributed bagels he purchased from H&H when he would go to NYC on business. Selling more bagels than he was losing pounds, Mr. Burger purchased that first Durham bagel business and shipped down equipment from his native Long Island. Norm Oppenheimer, a friend from the H&H bagel company, sent a baker down to teach Mr. Burger and me how to  boil and bake traditional NY style bagels.  

Fast forward some 40 years, where our bagels are still made the traditional way with a high-gluten flour and retarded overnight in the refrigerator. The next morning they are kettle boiled (as all good bagels should) baked and ready for you to purchase when we open the store. We offer six varieties: plain, poppy, salt, sesame, garlic and everything. Try one and go back to a time when every bagel had a crunchy exterior crust and a soft chewy interior crumb.

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